With all the technology we deal with in the modern operating room, we have forgotten about best practices with respect to sterile fields and the presentation of information. In some cases I am trying to follow 8 monitors and control systems simultaneously! Too much information and too many distractions result in sub-optimal outcome. We need to change our culture and the way that we do things. TIPSO helps usher in a new era where as operators we are taking back our mental bandwidth so we can focus on the important job at hand…saving lives and improving the health of our patients.

Dr. David Liu, MD, FRCPC FSIR, Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology, University of British Columbia

It was very useful to have TIPSOTM during the case, because kidneys are difficult to navigate, even when using fluoroscopy scans. Using TIPSOTM to scroll through the live CT scan (conebeam) allowed us to realize that we were in the wrong area.

Dr. Kari Nelson, MD, Medical Director, Department of Radiological Sciences, University of California Irvine, Medical Center

I find TIPSOTM most useful during emergency procedures – because I don’t have the luxury of thoroughly reviewing images before the procedure. I have to do it as I go, during the case, when there is no time for taking pictures. TIPSOTM allows me get to the target fast and stop a bleed or initiate an intervention.

For example, in pulmonary embolism cases, the patient can die any minute. I need to get to the clot in the lungs and remove it as fast as possible. TIPSOTM allows me to do that, because I can skip steps and … reduce time for initiation of thrombectomy. As such, TIPSOTM has changed my ability to perform emergency catheter-directed thrombectomy in pulmonary embolism cases. I use TIPSOTM to quickly get to and treat my target. I find this to be the most lifesaving use of TIPSOTM.

So TIPSOTM … improves time to first meaningful action – which can save lives in emergency settings.

Dr. Behrang Homayoon, MD, BASc, FRCPC, Head of Interventional Radiology, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Fraser Health