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TIPSOTM Beam projects a lighted, virtual menu of image navigation commands on the drape from a mounted position over the bed. Touchless finger-tapping movements enable activation of a full suite of controls to interact with procedural imaging for typical and advanced applications

Design and Features

Designed for operative use

  • the HoverTap technology was first developed for the sterile Operating Room (OR) – enabling surgeons to control equipment during surgery. With the onset of COVID-19 and the looming threat of high touch surfaces, we further developed our electric-field sensing technology to create a seamless touchless sensor panel that can be retrofitted/integrated with existing buttons, LCD displays, etc. 
  • As HoverTap doesn’t use any cameras or optical sensors, it will work in any lighting condition and for any user. 
  • The HoverTap sensor works through plastic films/sheets that may be placed for public health measures.

Intuitive user control

  • Designed for the everyday user, HoverTap enables two very simple touchless interactions – a finger-tap and a hand wave/swipe
  • It is easy to learn and naturally simple to use – it mimics the push of a button or the swipe of the hand.
  • no learned hand gestures or shapes to memorize

Universal Compatibility

  • With a customizable hardware platform, HoverTap can be retrofitted and directly connected to existing interface controllers. 
  • Operating at low voltages, HoverTap is safe and easy to install in any given scenario.
  • it can be used with existing displays to create a touchless-screen

Seamless Connectivity


  • FDA
  • Class 1; 510(k) exempt
  • Health Canada
  • Not classified as a medical device
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Not applicable
  • CSA
  • Certified (UL equivalent)

Technical Data

  • Power Supply
  • 120-240 V AC
  • Connectivity
  • USB Dongle and wireless router Provided
  • Installation
  • None(plug-and-play)


  • Beam System on Wheeled Stand
  • USB Dongle
  • WIFI Router


  • Table Top Attachment
  • DICOM Manager